Rhanas Journey
Strength is not always measured in muscle

"A positive attitude makes all the difference."

-Rhana (December 26th, 2012)

Rhana Serene Fleming

10.22.00 - 08.24.16

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From a healthy, fit, athletic kid, active on student council and excelling in school, to complete paralysis in about 4 hours. Unable to move from her neck down, speak, breathe on her own, smell or eat. All while in constant severe pain.

We've set up this page as a way to keep people updated on Rhana's progress. This is a site of hope, inspiration, courage and determination. We hope you visit often. This is Rhana’s Journey.


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Rhana's world turned upside down when we got the call that 15th day of December.

"We got a call from the gym that she was sick," her father Robert Fleming said. "We didn't really know how sick. We didn't really think it was catastrophic sick."

"I said was there an accident? Did she fall? And they said, "no, we were just doing warm-ups," her mother Cheryl Fleming said.

Roughly one hour after that, Rhana was at Hasbro Children's Hospital Emergency Room, Providence -  arriving by ambulance on a body board with neck support. After a long painful 3 hour wait on a strecher in the emergency room (during which she lost her ability to speak, she was losing movement in her legs and her breathing was deteriorating rapidly - all while in excruciating pain), her body was becoming paralized. She was finally taken to be examined in the ER. She stopped breathing less than two minutes after they took her for examination. At that point she was in critical condition, she was intubated, paralyzed from the neck down, unable to breathe and in extreme pain - fully aware and eyes open. They admitted her to the PICU unit.

It was a sudden, violent nerve reaction in Rhana's spine that doctors call Transverse Myelitis. It is very rare.

Longitudinally Extensive Transverse Myelitis

Cheryl (Rhanas Mom) works at the eMarketing Association.

The eMarketing Association will match 100% of all donations made through its site.

Please click "how to help" and give.  100% of donations go to her medical care and associated expenses. We are not a big charity, just a family that needs your help to meet severe, crushing and overwhelming medical and rehab expenses for our daughter. We want her to have the care she needs. Thank you, your donation is appreciated and will help Rhana recover and improve her quality of life. The eMA will match all donations, Cheryl (Rhanas Mother works there and they are supporting this cause).


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Thank you for sharing this journey with us. <3